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In our blog, HMAC Team Voltage Mortgages aim to demystify the home-buying process and arm you with valuable and actionable insight and advice. You won’t find any industry jargon here, but you will discover a treasure trove of mortgage-related information on everything. Stop by often to access the resources that will ensure you make the best decision regarding your unique mortgage needs.

Updates from HQ

  • Is This The Oldest First-Time Homebuyer?
    What age should you buy a home and is there an age when it is too late to buy a home? Well, the answer to that might be tricky as we discovered that this person, Edward Simon Jones, 86 could be the oldest first-time buyer ever. According to Mail Online News, Simon as he is+ […]
  • Mortgage Basics: How To Tap Into Your Home Equity
    An undercurrent began brewing during the pandemic. While the “sheltering at home” movement quickly took hold, kids got schooled at home, parents dressed from the waist up to place themselves in front of their computer screens to stay employed, and people began taking good, hard looks at their homes. What works? What doesn’t? What could+ […]
  • Buying A Home For The Holidays May Still Be A Bridge Too Far For Many Homebuyers
    Apart from the 2008 bubble/recession when millions of homes went into foreclosure, whether it was home prices, the economy, or interest rates, history has been more or less kind to homebuyers. Even then you could buy a foreclosed home for peanuts and bet on the future to change things up. The behemoths holding both homebuyers+ […]

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