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About Us

Originally, Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC) was founded with one primary goal in mind: “To become the largest direct lender in the country!” But as we started out, it became clear we needed to move forward with both business and community at top-of-mind.

Our solution became Two Parallel Paths:

When the phrase “PARTNERSHIP” was brought up in a brainstorming session, a moment of inspiration emerged within the leadership team. Who could help educate and advise on mortgage loans better than an existing originator? If HMAC expanded its business network and gave a team of originators access to their many industry resources, they would discover a tremendous opportunity for unlimited business growth. A true partnership provided the best path to reach greater industry success, which is our objective here at HMAC.

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When we looked into the communities we and our partners work/live in, a simple question regarding “HOMEOWNERSHIP” continued to come up. Does everyone have access to homeownership? Many didn’t, especially within the African American and Hispanic American communities. HMAC’s leadership developed a plan to bring homeownership opportunities to these individuals and families as well as providing financial literacy to help truly make a change.

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Our Mission


To transform branches and loan officers into verified partners of HMAC, support the growth of their business, and help them become operators of their own direct lending division. Additionally, to assist in focusing their knowledge and expertise in providing homeownership opportunities to the under-banked and under-served in their communities.


To provide homeownership opportunities for borrowers in every state and district we serve, especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and low-to-moderate income individuals and families. Also, to offer financial literacy education to our borrowers to instill a greater sense of personal economic independence.


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