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Welcome to Partner Support Hub

Welcome to the Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC) PARTNER SUPPORT HUB PAGE. You can download various forms and resources which you can use for your own operations. Please be reminded that all of these forms and resources are strictly for the use of the partners, affiliates and Doing Business As (DBA)s of HMAC. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Click on following services we provide for our partners.

HomeReady Mortgage

Note: For the HomeReady program the borrower(s) must obtain a certificate from the Fannie Mae’s website, use this link above.


Note: To Obtain the IRS Transcripts directly from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), use this phone number above.

Home Possible Mortgage

Note: For the Home Possible program the borrower(s) must obtain a certificate from the Freddie Mac website, use this link above.

Underwriting Scenario Desk

Underwriting Scenario Desk Required Information

HMAC Training Materials

Download HMAC Training Materials or watch HMAC Training Videos.

HMAC Loan Program Flyers

Download Flyers for your Loan officers to use or order a customize one from our graphic team.

Need IT Support Help?

Submit IT Support Request

Whenever you need any IT support. Whether it’s a PC problem, internet connection issue or a simple software error. We’re here to help!

HMAC Support Contact List

Division Contact Email
Accounting accounting@homemac.com
Closing Disclosures cd@homemac.com
Condo Project Approval condoprojectapproval@homemac.com
Legal Department legal@homemac.com
Disclosures Desk disclosures@homemac.com
Doc Department docs@homemac.com
Funding funding@homemac.com
Human Resource hr@homemac.com
IT Support Itsupport@homemac.com
Pricing Desk secondary@homemac.com
Marketing Support Marketingsupport@homemac.com
QC Department qc@homemac.com
Set Up Department submission@homemac.com
Shipping Department shipping@homemac.com
Underwriting Scenario Desk uwscenario@homemac.com

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