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Community Development Mortgage Program (CDMP)

Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC) is now one of the few lenders across the country offering programs like our new Community Development Mortgage Program (CDMP). The program’s primarily focus is on enhancing economic/homeowner opportunities for low-income/minority/underbanked communities countrywide. HMAC has always strove to reach members of these communities as it is an important part of our mission goal. Tailored to medium and low-income buyers, the CDMP allows these borrowers access to a mortgage opportunity (via FHA) that they wouldn’t qualify for going through the normal lending channels. Even those who can only obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) can also qualify for this program.

An additional benefit is the parallel personal finance educational courses provided during and after the loan qualification process. These include understanding your credit score, filing taxes, managing your finances, and maintaining your mortgage payments. All part of HMAC’s desire to help individuals and families live, dream, cultivate, and prosper in healthy, financially stable communities. The CDMP is just the newest affordable financing program from HMAC, who continue to development loan programs that make a difference within communities across the nation. To learn more, email us at cdmp@homemac.com

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