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When HMAC was founded, there was only one thing in mind, to become the largest Direct Lender in the country!

How will Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC) become the largest direct lender in the country?

• First, HMAC  must have unlimited growth potential, meaning there should be a large capital infusion to insure warehouse line capacity, start-up capital and reserves as required by state and agencies guidelines (100mm of warehouse capacity was established with the ability to triple with a simple signature).

• Next, creation of strong relationships! We needed approvals with some of the largest investors in the country to access the most diverse and most compettative rates in the market. Obtained over 15 approvals with top Investors. (FHA, VA, Conv, Reverse Mortgage, USDA, Rural, Alt QM, etc.)

• Next step, multiple state approvals to enable HMAC to originate in all the high producing states (Over 40 States approved and soon to be nationwide)

What next after achieving all of the above? Will HMAC become like the rest?

• Will we compete directly with CashCall, LoanDepot, Green Light Mortgage, Quicken Loan etc. and advertise nationwide while hiring hundreds of Loan Originators (LO)? NO! We have the capital, but might not have the expertise, to compete with such lenders on their level.

• Will we become like the 100’s of Branch operation lenders, that want to spread their name by hiring everyone that can originate a loan per quarter and calling each a branch, while having them all compete against one another? NO! This business model hinders the winners by having them compete with the low achievers within their own company.

The HMAC Solution is True Partnership

• When the phrase “PARTNERSHIP” was brought up in a brain storming session, the lights came ON.  Who can originate better than an existing originator?  If HMAC gave a team of originators its resource while keeping them doing what they do best, the sky is the limit.  In order to achieve success, a true partnership had to be established.

If you are in that category and need to know more, contact us immediately as many states will become exclusive to the right partner! CLICK HERE.

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