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Bring The Luxury Hotel Vibe Home With You

Bring The Luxury Hotel Vibe Home With You

Instead of simply plopping their bags down when entering a luxury hotel room, many travelers instantly begin to savor the luxury itself — the scent of the room and the height and puffiness of the bed, with all its fancy pillows that will have to be cast aside later in order to dive into the clouds of sheets and goose down pillows. They’ll even wander into the en suite bath and begin noticing all the spa elements included in the decor. It’s a feast for the eyes just knowing this will be their little home-away-from-home because they know that — for just a few nights — they will be basking in comforts they don’t enjoy at home.

But why wait for that trip to happen? Why not find ways to replicate all that luxury? Because she personally experiences hotel luxury envy, HuffPost’s Home and Living writer Caroline Bologna decided to write about taking steps to incorporate as many of those same perks into your own spaces. She asked several designers as well as hotel experts to chime in and share their tips for making your home feel like a fancy hotel.

Because travel itself can be stressful, a number of luxury hotels look for ways to evoke a sense of calm. “Luxury hotels have a recognizable aroma,” says home stager and designer Leia T. Ward, who explains how some hotels even sell their scents in their hotel stores. The Ritz Paris sells theirs in candles that emanate floral, woodsy, or fruity scents. “Candles can be placed in bathrooms, on coffee tables and even by the kitchen sink,” says another designer, “A warm scent throughout the home does wonders to elevate a vibe and mood. Her favorite brands include Otherland, Maison Louis Marie and Byredo.

As for sleep luxury, hotel experts suggest buying the best bedding you can afford. Luxury, top-quality bedding comes in a range of price points and will provide you with a five-star sleep. “We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s worth investing in our beds,” says Bologna. “If your mattress is due for an upgrade, invest in a new one that has a plush pillow top, as many luxury hotels use.” A good bed also offers a strong focal point to the space. She recommends an extra-deep 12-inch mattress crowned with puffy toppers and six to eight pillows as a way to make it an inviting and special place for yourself.

BHDM Designs Dan Mazzarini offers great sheeting options from Brooklinen, Frette, Safera and Matteo. Mazzarini heads up the Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead’s latest renovation, suggesting buying down inserts for decorative pillows that are 2 inches larger than the fabric to make the room “feel more luxurious and sumptuous.” Just don’t forget to make your bed in the morning. As a bonus, he says to finish this bedding work of art with Downy Wrinkle Release and a spritz of Fredrick Malle “Dan mon Lit” bedding mist for a hotel-ready smooth bed and a subtle and soothing rosewater scent. Ooo-lala.

Lighting appeals to the emotions as well, whether for a dinner party, relaxing in your living room or nighttime reading in bed. Designer Selina McCabe says the right balance between task lighting, architectural lighting and ambient lighting should never be underestimated, and recommends warm lighting for a luxurious hotel feel. Light bulb color temperatures should be a warm 2500K.

Interesting lamps, chandeliers and sconces add style and ambience as well, but don’t forget the dimmers. Mazzarini adds, “I especially love a picture light on a dimmer. They allow a space to go from day to night, with a softer, romantic sophistication.” Lutron products, available in all big box appliance stores, makes reasonably priced, easy-to-install dimmers. But don’t forget that a LACK of lighting counts as well, especially for sleep. Use black-out draperies with sheers to have control over privacy and light within your personal space.

A spa-like bathroom environment is a great way to make your home feel like a relaxing escape — whether it’s with an oversized bathtub with intricate tiling or even just plush towels and a bathrobe. Decorative mirrors can double as art to add even more luxuriousness to your space. Of course, bath products are key: “I recommend investing in nice aromatherapy touches like Aesop hand soaps, Vitruvi diffuser blends, Crosby Elements candles, bath salts, a cozy Parachute robe, quality skin care,” says The Modern Minimalist’s Devin VonderHaar, who says to focus on anything that enriches the sensory experience in your home.

Luxury hotels are big on details, such as presenting everyday items in elegant containers. Designer Julia Miller says, “Adding your Q-tips to a special ceramic holder, placing your soap on a nice teak tray or folding your towels can also create an instant calming vibe.” Smaller items that don’t cost a ton but serve a purpose and really elevate a home, such as tissue covers, soap pumps and toothbrush holders.

Overall, the combination of colors, textures, big pieces and accessories don’t have to look like what you see set up at a furniture store or model home. Instead, incorporate symmetry and beautiful fabrics, mixing vintage with modern items. Then curate a few special art pieces or statements in the mix. Place items and objects in your home that you are fond of, such as stacking coffee-table books that mean something to you on a bedside or coffee table in a tray with an object or two you may have found while traveling. One designer likens this to treating your home like your charm bracelet, where at every turn you see different items from different times in your life.

And lastly, check for clutter. A relaxing hotel vibe starts with a clean, decluttered space. Make sure there’s a place for everything in your house and that you can see all of your belongings when you open a closet or cabinet. Visible clutter is not part of the fancy hotel look. If the goal is a calming vibe, let all the luxury elements breathe.

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