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How Technology Creates Homes That Helps You Get and Stay Healthy

How Technology Creates Homes That Helps You Get and Stay Healthy

Big Brother is watching… but not for reasons you might imagine. Being monitored in your daily life, in this case, is something voluntary as well as good for your health.

Smart homes on steroids are cropping up, ready to monitor just about every aspect of your health, offering you reminders for everything from proper teeth-brushing to analyzing your hydration levels after gathering data from your morning shave to testing the waste you leave in the toilet. Sound far-fetched? Think again.

The Tampa Bay Times reports on Crystal Lagoon, a residential community in Pasco County where a development group has introduced homes that monitor your health. A smart mirror in your bathroom will tell you if you missed a spot when brushing your teeth, or are brushing too fast by projecting an image showing you what you missed, highlighting those neglected molars in yellow.

“AdventHealth tested home products — from mirrors to coffee makers, to blood pressure cuffs — developed by Philips, the global electronics company that has expanded into health care and lifestyle devices,” says Justine Griffin. “Six homes in Epperson are equipped with Philips smart mirrors, which are updated every month based on the feedback from the residents. Connectivity is key, using devices people already possess, such as Android phones, FitBits, or Apple Watches.” She goes on to cite how this system enables the user to store and control their medical records. They will be able to monitor health information like their weight and body mass index over time and send that information to physicians or family members.

This technology is useful not only for healthy bodies — but is also good for the pocketbook, helping lower insurance premiums and bringing down stress levels. It’s like being monitored at home the way you might be in a medical facility, but without the fears associated with them. Kinks are still being worked out for privacy concerns, but most see value in the technology, as Phillips beta testers take note of glitches and offer feedback.

Across the continent in Beverly Hills, a multimillion-dollar mansion calling itself a “wellness home” is being marketed to health-conscious perspective owners, the latest luxury development catering to buyers with deep pockets prioritizing self-care. According to Fox Business News’ Jeanette Settembre, the idea caters to millennials, athletes, and hedge funders. A $12.2 million six-bedroom, 6,300-square-foot home is fully loaded with amenities like a Peloton bike, a virtual trainer that’s built into a mirror, and access to a detoxing Scandinavian Hydrotherapy — a hot and cold treatment is said to improve circulation. “If that’s not a big enough sell, the new homeowner will get private yoga classes twice a week, and cold-pressed juice delivered to the home from a “juiceologist” for the first three months,” says Settembre.

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